John Akhtar

Akhtar, John maskJohn Akhtar grew up in Santa Clara, CA where he currently resides. John was schooled in physics specializing in the area of optics. However photography has always been a hobby, five years ago he decided to completely dedicate himself to the art of photography. John’s background in physics helped him develop a mathematical way of looking at things. This carried into photography, in which he uses various precise, time-critical techniques to achieve the vibrant colors, unusual exposures, distinct details and interplay of light and dark that make his photos unique. John does two distinct styles “The Dream Places” which consist of montages, which are combinations of several different images blended seamlessly. Most of them combine outdoor and indoor photography. The second style, “Wet Paint”, John creates brightly colored still lifes, nudes and other subjects, by actually painting them before photographing them. These are also montages of several various images. John strives to do things that other photographers can’t achieve. John’s work has been displayed in several galleries in California, France and Germany. John Akhtar can be reached at his studio in Santa Clara, California at (408) 718-5122.