Richard Korczynski

Korczynski,Richard2 watercansRichard Korczynski started a career in wedding, portrait, and commercial photography in 1962, after several years of free-lancing and photography as a serious hobby, which started in high school. Richard participates in thirty to forty art festivals in the southern and western United States. In addition Richard still owns and operates a studio-photo lab along with his wife and three grown children.

The subject matter for Richards photography are a collection of places and things that he as experienced in his travels across these forty-eight contiguous states, Alaska, Canada and parts of Europe. Many were taken to capture a nostalgic look, often searching for things remembered fondly of times past.

In a recent interview from his studio in Victoria, Texas, Richard stated, “Some of my favorite subjects are lighthouses sitting on lonely, often desolate beaches, windmills standing proudly against the elements, country store fronts with long abandoned and empty rocking chairs, schools that our parents and grandparents attended with few, if any extra creature comforts. Then too, of only they could speak, are the barns, mills and bridges with many stories to tell. Nor, can I ignore the fields of wildflowers that blanket the landscape with color and fill the air with their sweet perfume. Still in the great outdoors are all Gods creatures, great and small, that with patience and often, sheer luck, I’ve photographed at their best.”

Richard is the sole creator of each photograph on display in his booth. He has taken all the images with his camera on either color negative or color slide film. Richard prints each displayed enlargement himself on archival photo paper and processed them chemically so that they should yield an expected life span of sixty to one hundred years.
Richard Korczynski is online at or reach him at his studio in Victoria, Texas at (361) 575-2701.