Arthur Ball

ball,arthur_overArthur Ball is an exciting metal sculptor who has received accolades from artists and collectors alike.
Arthur grew up and currently resides in San Diego, California. He has been a part of the art world since his youth. His mother was an artist who worked with a number of different mediums, exposing Arthur to a wide variety of art during his childhood. Throughout his life he has continued to explore various mediums, working with clay, wood, stone and metal. He has completed a number of oil paintings as well as sculpted. His passion is working with metals to create pieces that invoke joy, peace and harmony.

Arthur studied at the Laguna Beach Art Institute and has worked with the renowned sculptor Coleen Sterritt. His metal sculpture has an energy that is both masculine and feminine and each piece has a life and feeling of its own.

Arthur likes tow work with the different metals, settl, aluminum, copper, brass and even lead. Each metal has an energy that invokes a different experience when interacting with it.

His sculptures are winning awards and receiving praise from some of the toughest critics in the art world. He has shown his work through-out the United States. His work is collected by many discriminating collectors.

Reach Arthur Ball at his San Diego studio at 858-453-2111, or