Cesar Naranjo

naranjo lizardCesar Naranjo was born in Ecaudor, South America in a family very prolific in the arts. At a very young age, he started painting and eventually dedicated his life and passion to sculpting. He has been creating geckos and other art works from his studio in California since 1985.

BRONZE GECKOS: Cesar’s Geckos are cast in solid bronze and colored in some unique and beautiful patinas. A “hot patina process” using color pigments and different acids fixes the color. Custom colors may be placed by special order to fit customers demands.

WHY GECKOS? Cesar has always been fascinated with the curious behavior of these incredible creatures. Some years ago after a visit to Hawaii, he started sketching them and creating clay models. His goal has always been to capture their vivacious character and movement. Cesar transfers the free spirit of these happy creatures into bronze to create a visually friendly conversation piece.

EDUCATION: Otis Parson Institute in Los Angeles, California. Curriculum included: sculpture techniques and mediums, foundry techniques in bronze and other metals. He has also studied and worked with some of Southern California’s top art professors including Robert Cunningham at Sycamore Studios, in Culver City, California.

RECOGNITIONS: In 1994, Cesar Naranjo received Best of Show honors for bronze sculptures at the prestigious Beverly Hills show.

You can reach Cesar Naranjo at his gallery in Murieta, California at 951-461-3168, or email: