Corky Storer

Corky Storer
I specialize in artistic, site specific, custom designed architectural ironwork. Whether the image or concept comes from a specific period in architectural history or your own specific style/motif, the components are hand forged from raw steel to accomplish the final image. Working to develop the conceptual idea, an idea that at first may seem as illusive as smoke, but once visualized and conceived, that idea can take shape in beautiful iron work to be enjoyed for generations.

Even after almost 30 years I still possess a deep passion for the work I have the privilege to do. Steel, a material commonly employed because of its strength, also possesses a wonderful plastic nature. Steel when heated to 2000 plus degrees becomes much like clay. Having spent years working with and learning about the characteristics and properties of steel and using many of the same techniques the old world masters of the forge arts before me, I am able to transform these seemingly lifeless straight bars and flat sheets into inspiring forms and shapes.

I have found great inspiration while mesmerized in the milieu and din of the blacksmith shop. Working under the spell of the fire, smoke, hammer and anvil, time loses all meaning and the creative process is free to reign king. Whether it be forging hammer and tong architectural details such as gates, railings, door hardware and furniture or my most durable passion creating sculptural art forms, the time creating in that environment is unequaled.

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