Daniela & Garret Camé

came two on a benchWhimsical, imaginative and bursting with color, Daniela and Garret Camé’s sculptures have captured the hearts of many art collectors. A native of Brazil, Daniela has traveled extensively drawing inspiration from various cultures. Daniela resides in California where she obtained her Master of Fine Arts degree. Daniela and her husband and collaborative artist Garret’s work is in both private and corporate collections worldwide. Daniela and Garret attribute their success to being true to themselves and their work. As a result their work is constantly evolving with an abundance of fresh ideas and energy.

Bicycle chains come to life as cascading hair, discarded metal tools and bolts are artfully transformed to works of art. Daniela and Garret ingeniously push the boundaries transforming one person’s throw away spirit to another’s treasure. The notion of taking discarded items and recycling them takes roots in many societies. It is perhaps more accurate to say, then, that Daniela and Garret do not recycle, they recreate.

Daniela and Garret can be reached at their studio in Alta Loma, California at (909) 989-9678, or email: