Jane Darin

darin,jane_over thinking it overTogether, in both cloth and bronze, I strive for that moment that creates a dialogue between you and me. Here I am at the beginning of sculpting “Waiting.” I sculpt from real people who live in San Diego, CA which is a port city, with a gas lamp quarter, a active street scene and artist communitiy, a bohemian culture, military personnel, computer technology and biomedical workers.

Let me call your attention to how my sculptures can be enjoyed in three layers.

* In the first of these layers you may see the expressive faces, feel the moods suggested by the postures, observe the subtle play of light and shadow and catch the indication of movement.

* The unique pleasure of owning a three dimensional sculpture is its capacity to present over 360 views as you observe a figure from every conceivable angle including top and bottom. This is why I often display my sculptures on turntables. There’s no real back to face the wall and the front is often not the most intresting view. As I’m sculpting I notice and develop a continuous series of changing line, shape and attitude. You can see the texture, the pattern and the color as light passes across the surfaces. This is the second and more long-term joy of owning my sculpture.

* And finally, you can probably agree that as human beings we share certain life experiences in common. My intention is to have a dialogue with you about these commonalities, this unity in diversity. If you already own sculptures then you already know the tremendous pleasure and delight that is yours to have this special figure catch your eye in your home or office. This final layer of enjoyment is possession, owning this unique dialogue that you share with me.
You can reach Jane Darin online at www.janedarin.net