John Wayne Jackson

Jackson,JW bright leafWorking from his garden studio, Scottsdale artist John Wayne Jackson has turned his passion for gardening toward creating natural artistic expressions that grace pedestals, walls and fountains. Reminiscent of fossilized images in stone, his leaf art is unique and instantly recognizable for the richness of color and texture he creates

“Nature is my constant companion and truly the artist. By providing me with the plant materials needed, I can bring permanence to that which would otherwise whither and die. Each time I pull off the real leaf, revealing the intricately sculpted piece, I get an immediate rush of reverence and appreciation for the miracle that nature is.”
Jackson formulated a proprietary sculpting medium incorporating exotic rare-earth sands from around the world. Each piece is direct-cast then dyed and stained. His work hangs in corporate headquarters, botanical gardens, high-end retail and residences across the country. He was recently invited to England by Durham University to cast six-foot Gunnera leaves on the University campus. Giant jungle leaves will be hung at the botanical garden in the Huntington Library and Garden in San Marino California in Spring 2004. John makes his home in Scottsdale where he lives with his wife Paige and her mother Camillia. John Wayne Jackson can be reached at his home and studio in Scottsdale at 480-614-1666.