Kevin Box

box_over PAPERI look at a piece of paper as ‘tabla rosa’ a clean slate, perfect potential. This potential is activated by light and shadow as each decision creases into the paper. Emerging from an interest in geometry, light, architecture and paper, I choose themes that describe the intelligent design of decisions just below the surface of creation. My work presents an opportunity to collect a truly unique vision of innovation and expression realized in museum quality bronze.

Kevin Box grew up in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, beneath ‘the tree that escaped the crowded forest’, Frank Lloyd Wright’s only skyscraper. Kevin’s creative passion was evident at a very young age and was he determined to realize his ‘visions.’ Aesthetically, he did not fall far from Wright’s tree.

Developing an interest in design, he apprenticed at an uncle’s design firm in Atlanta, Georgia. Gaining valuable experience in digital graphics and marketing, he also learned that most graphic design for print promotion and packaging ended up as landfill trash.

Refocusing on fine art, he spent three years studying art and art history at the School of Visual Arts in Savannah, Georgia, completing his degree at the school’s prestigious main campus in New York City. There, under the direction of Jackie Winsor and Alice Aycock, he confirmed his contemporary artistic vision, inspired within an historical context.

In 1999, Box began his career in the foundry. Bronze spoke his artistic language; what he refers to as ‘deep time conversation.’ Bronze is a medium that lasts and it would become the medium of his artistic voice. Over the next four years he labored to become proficient in bronze casting by working for sculptors and foundries, attaining an exhaustive knowledge of the casting techniques, fabricating and finishing processes necessary to create monumental works of art. Eventually his dedication to the process helped build one of the largest fine art foundries in Texas, just outside Austin.

Throughout his life, Box took every opportunity to develop his work. After years of experimentation and working with bronze, he arrived at the process in which he works today, becoming a fulltime artist in 2003. His knowledge of the foundry process combined with a vision for innovation defines the style and sensibility of his work as it establishes a place within contemporary art history.

You can reach Kevin Box at his studio in Sante Fe, New Mexico at 512-557-2538 or online at