Linda Colino & Laszlo Tihany

Tihany & Colino dancersThroughout her schooling in Chicago, Linda Colino was constantly experimenting with different medium. Early attempts with pastels were awarded first place in several scholastic competitions. Later experiments with oils placed first in a number of corporate competitions judged by the director of the Phoenix Art Museum.

Her new medium is steel. The southwest has had a profound influence on her style. An association with another Arizona artist/sculptor, Laszlo Tihany, has brought about a new direction – abstract figurative sculptures.

Laszlo Tihany was born 1950 in Hungary, and immigrated to the U.S.A. in 1973 after a brief exploration of the artistic world of Italy, Germany and France.

In 1978, Laszlo moved to Arizona – another stepping stone – the desert with its uncorrupted innocence. Over the next few years, won five first place awards in photography combined with news releases and museum/gallery exhibits.

In Arizona, Laszlo re-embarked upon his sculptural art career directed toward the contemporary southwestern market. Soon he was showing in 8-10 galleries from Santa Fe to San Francisco meanwhile taking multiple art classes in sculpture, photography and painting. In 1990, Laszlo was given the opportunity to present his work on Tucson PBS-TV. Now Laszlo’s work is in private collections throughout the world.

Fifteen odd years later, Laszlo decided to shift his focus back to modern art, especially after a deluge of new ideas. Combined with the already accumulated pieces (sculptures and paintings); it was a creative rebirth.

In my latest sculptural direction, Laszlo’s exploring abstract forms that have a playful, spatial flow and release and rotational symmetry. Laszlo comments, “I want to give more than a colorful experience. I want to intertwine my imagination with the viewer’s.”

You can reach Linda and Laszlo at their studio in Phoenix at (602) 995-4897, or online at