Lorrin Stetson

Stetson,Lorrin turqoise nativeRock art is one of the earliest forms of artistic and spiritual expression. These images are like windows into the past. The hopes and dreams of the ancient ones can still be seen in Lorrin Stetson’s sculptures and rock art today.

Lorrin was born in Zimbabwe, (formally Rhodesia) and was raised by his missionary family in the rugged African bush. While growing in Africa, he was exposed to the indigenous culture alive in the tribes he was living with. In his early adult years, Lorrin and his wife lived in the Hawaiian Islands, where they worked in the architectural field and enjoyed the Native Hawaiian culture. Lorrin has spent the rest of his adult life living in Arizona studying the Native American cultures of the Southwest. He combines all of his experiences with these rich, Native cultures to shape his artwork. His work varies from abstract to representative indigenous art, inspired by Spirit, petroglyph and myth.

For the last ten years, Lorrin’s work has been seen in many galleries and fine art shows throughout the American Southwest. Lorrin recently opened a new production studio called Ravenrock Studio where he is constantly pushing his creative boundaries. He is currently residing in Flagstaff, Arizona with his wife and two children.

Lorrin’s artwork not only represents the beauty and mystery of indigenous cultures, it acts as a medium between the worlds of Spirit and nature. Each stone contains a story…he interprets and creates the story for everyone to see. Lorrin can be reached at his studio in Flagstaff at (928) 526-4235, or email