Marie-Pierre Philippe-Lohezic

Marie-Pierre Philippe-Lohezic
Born in France, my passion has always been Art. Creatively inspired by the moderns like Cézanne, Rodin, Archipenko, Picasso, et al, I am attracted to cubism and abstract art, but I may also elect to be figurative according to the emotion I want to portray or the mood of the moment.

When the roar of the day has settled, two or three instants may describe it: joy or anger, achievement or frustration, motions, impressions, and emotions. When you extend your perspective in time, you still cannot define life without terms of moments or feelings. I try to convey in my art: moods, flashes, sentiments, colors, instants, movement, and scents. Throughout the range of my experiences, I apply the techniques that I have learned and the influence of my discoveries.

The medium elected is the vehicle of communication that I choose to fit my purpose to render the distinctive sensation that I want to suggest. It is only a technique that will help me express my creativity. It is subservient to Art.

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