Mark Breithaupt

Mark Breithaupt

Design philosophy
“I like to push the limits of the material whenever possible to uncover each stone’s unique personality. My sculptures sometime start out as mental images put to paper, but my philosophy is that the stone gets the ultimate glory. I use my tools to discover it’s most natural expression in the context of my vision.”

Continually drawn to spectacular natural surroundings, Mark and his wife moved to their home in Phoenix adjacent to the Mountain Preserve. Inspired and grounded by the beauty and tranquility of the Sonoran desert and surrounding mountains, Mark applied his artistic talent to the creation of unique rock sculptures, fountains, and water features, combining the natural splendor of the native rocks with an artistic flair. Over time, his work evolved into pieces of sculpture with a water component, rather than “fountains,” and then to sculptures in and of themselves.

Mark uses stones from around the the world, including onyx, marbles, travertine, sandstone, calcite, alabasters, and soapstone. His carvings explore each stone type to uncover it’s unique qualities and natural beauty. Mark’s use of stainless steel and stone, mixed media works, are a recent culmination of his range of style and diversity. “I’m always searching for new expressions in sculpture while nurturing my own unique style”

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