Mihail Kivachitsky

Kivachitsky,Mihail rook & PumpkinMihail Kivachitsky is a professional sculptor living in California. His favorite material is wood and the ideas for his works come from his immediate surroundings. Sometimes he turns to history and mythology since he is convinced that they contain the treasures of human wisdom.

Objects from the material world, nature and people are transformed in Mihail Kivachitsky’s works by his original vision. His sculptures, paintings and drawings are interrelated, often to the point of becoming indivisible. An idea is born in a drawing, acquires substance and emotion in a painting and is completed through shape in a sculpture. Every work, whether it is a sketch of a live subject, a portrait or a still life is first and foremost a thought that urges the viewer to discover hidden truths. His art reflects his personal experiences of self-discovery – the world we live in changes constantly, it’s lacking permanence and firm footing, people are ruled by their passions suffering is a frequent guest in life. How can a young artist with honorable and sincere intentions counter all that? By granting us passage into his inner self. Thirty-year-old Mihail Kivachitsky believes that he is destined to bring balance into our world. While thinking about his works he is searching for a way to free us from discord that we’ve been experiencing from the time of our fall from Eden.

At the age of 20 Mihail Kivachitsky realized he possessed an intuitive knowledge of the world. Influenced by symbolic Eastern philosophies he began encountering the sublime, his experiences transcended the realm of the ordinary. That is when his sculpture titled “Balance” or “A Maiden Sitting on a Fish” was created. The young woman carrying the sun and the moon on her head is a symbol of Nature living according to the laws of harmony and balance; the fish symbolizes Time in its infinite stretch.

Just by looking at Mihail Kivachitsky’s paintings and drawing one can tell that he is a dreamer. If you ask him: “What do you think your future will be like? He’ll answer, “I don’t know” very quietly and his eyes will be looking inside him as if searching for an answer in the depths of his soul. In all honesty, how appropriate is such a question in the first place? Is it really that important to know what note a songbird will sing next? The nature of Mihail Kivachitsky’s talent is such that he often feels imprisoned by his own muse. It is a bittersweet capture that demands a lot of spiritual strength to always keep that muse by his side.

During a moment of inspiration Mihail Kivachitsky feels in possession of his many inner worlds. Those worlds have no place for fear, anger, and depression. He is just observing their silence, which is as conducive to revelation as good music. Boats filled with antique amphorae float in the air; a poet on a magic stallion is frozen in the night sky above the square in the city of Samarkand; pharaon Amenkhoteps` statue is dreaming about his beautiful beloved; a hot air balloon is carrying in its straps a temple, a source of knowledge. On the ground people that resemble angels and angels-musicians are immersed in their dreams.

You can reach Mihail at his studio in Mountain View, California at (415) 871-3969, or online at  www.mishastarart.com.