Roberto Gutierrez

Roberto Gutierrez
Roberto Gutierrez
Roberto Gutierrez was born in Bogota, Colombia place where he studied different branches of the art as:

Architecture (majored in Urban Architecture), Sculpture, Painting, Photography, Theater and Jewelry.

His professional life as sculptor left to see its first fruits in the years 80’s epoch in which was represented by his first galleries at an international level like: Curi Gallery in Paris and Diners Gallery in Colombia.  .  Few years passed when his works were being acquired in Tokyo, United States, Paris, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama. 

His work characterized by being authentic and unique, with great content of force, vitality and a lot of creativity was qualified as one of the best, reason why he obtained the recognition of the “Sculptor of the Year” in 1997 in Colombia. 

Soon his talent was required by diverse institutions, for which he developed monumental works of great importance as: “Titans of the Communication”….900 square feet, “Goddess, Woman and Moon”…..8 sculptures life size, “Dance Under the Sun”…..75 feet of height; among several. 

In the year 2000 he decided to set residence in the United States place in which he has been performing successfully; winning first prices as in the “Lincoln’s Art Festival” in 2002 and exhibiting his work in MONA –“Museum of Nebraska Art” important Fine Art institution. 

Today he develops his work from his studio in Arizona and projects himself as one of the best artists of the market.

“Sculpting” for Roberto Gutierrez is a way of expression that permits not only to communicate the concept he has of human kind, but as an artist, to reveal his aesthetic   worries.  His work proposes a canon of beauty which is not a classical representation of the body.  Free of rules, methods and measures, creating a new type of shape, with certain muscular and anatomical exaggeration, that curiously far from attacking… attract; leaving the soul exalted.  His sculptures are alive!  They are always in movement… dynamic movement that alters the spirit. 

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