Sandra Knox and Kelly Glenn

Knox, Sandra Native WomanSandra Knox and Kelly Glenn are Native Landscape, Spirit Sculpture, and Mural Artists. They are best known for their Spirit Sculptures, which embody the lives and spirits of the ancients, and represent the dwelling of the Earth Spirit in all of us. These sculptures often depict Native American women as water bearers, adorned in traditional attire. Their attention to detail is evident, even down to the type of jewelry water bearers of the past might have worn. Many of their landscape installations center on eye-catching rock and water features, nestled in plants and foliage from the area. Their company, Arizona Earthworks began in l992. Their first sculptures were modest designs for their customers. Shortly thereafter, Mel Zuckerman, owner of Canyon Ranch, the foremost international spa in the world, took an active interest in their work. Over the course of several years, Arizona Earthworks has created many unique environments for Canyon Ranch including the Life Enhancement Center and the Watsu Aquatic Healing Center. The effect has been to transform the Canyon Ranch environment into a spiritual, holistic place of healing and wellness. You can reach Sandra Knox and Kelly Glenn at their studio in Tucson at (520) 907-2047, or online at