Bruce Stamp

stamp,birdsAs a boy growing up on Lake Minnetonka in Wayzata Minnesota, Bruce spent his summers building wooden boats to travel from one shore to another. His appreciation of wood, its many varieties, colors, and textures compelled him to seek more artistic uses for it. Living in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” he also observed various species of migrating birds with the change of seasons. Later, as an adult resident of Morro Bay, California, he became inspired by the natural beauty of the area and captivated by the diversity of shore birds and marine life. Combining his inherent interests, and influenced by two very talented wood carvers, Bruce launched his sculpting career in the early 1970’s. Over the years he has sculpted exquisite images of flowing, graceful birds and majestic sea creatures of the world. Today Bruce continues to work in the medium he enjoys, exhibiting his collection throughout California and the western United States.

The process for each and every hand-sculpted piece begins by carefully selecting the lumber; paying special attention to the woodgrain, color, and thickness of each board. Wood is chosen that best accentuates the particular piece to be sculpted. The pattern is made, then transferred to the lumber, and bansawed to a rough likeness of the piece.

Six sanding steps bring the piece from crude to a smooth, satiny finish. A coat of lacquer is applied, followed by a hand-rubbed carnauba wax and buff which bring out the luster and color of the woodgrain.

Each is one of a kind, carved to take on a personality of its own through meticulous carving, sanding, and finishing. The piece is then signed and dated by the artist, Bruce Stamp.

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