Charles Taube

Charles Taube

Charles Taube

The accident that would have made many give up and quit on life, gave Taube the artist his true heart and spirit.

After his accident Charles was told by his Doctor that he would have to just have to live with the 70% function loss of his left hand. Charles faced some very hard facts and really took a long look at his life. What he soon discovered was the things that he thought mattered in his life, really didn’t! Charles then began his journey to find out what really did matter.

“I honestly learned who my real friends and loved ones were after my accident.” Through this he learned the real meaning of pain, depression, anger, betrayal, motivation, passion, joy, happiness and love! He always had a love of wood but did not understand anything of it until after his accident. Now eleven years later not only is he lucky to be alive; it sent him on this journey he never even dreamed of . . .

Little did Charles know that a Trophy Sculpture that he created nine months before his accident with the full-use of his hands; that it would be the key to his rehabilitation. Not only of his body but his mind too. Being self-taught, he has mastered his contemporary free-flowing hardwood sculptures. His goal is that his art creates energy and love for anyone’s environment.

Charles firmly believes everyone should have their very own one-of-a-kind-original hardwood sculpture. He has been requested many, many times to create a duplicate of one of his sculptures. He stands behind his principles that only one-of-a-kind originals will ever be created by him . . .

If anyone had told Charles 11 years ago he would be one of the chosen twelve hand selected artists by the NFL, Party Planners West and Valley Of The Arts, to participate in the First Annual 2008 Super Bowl VIP Tailgate Party Art Show, while also premiering in a 3-week Show in the Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Gallery in New York City, he would have said to them; “You have no idea what you’re talking about!

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