Jeffrey Nelson

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Jeffrey Nelson

Hudson River Inlay creates finely crafted Marquetry furniture, mirrors, fine art, Marquetry flooring and accessories, proudly made in New York.

His mirrors and art pieces are specifically designed to complement our exquisite handcrafted wood furniture – to provide a distinctive, luxurious and unified look to your home or office space.

Master Designer Jeff Nelson’s Thoughts on Yosemite
In preparing this new work, I called upon the various creatures and flora as well as the view of the valley and said…if I lived here and looked out upon my window to the world, what of this amazing valley would I want to see there…? I started with the view I have of the river looking up the valley…it catches some of the most recognizable geological forms. Lush valley and flowing river…full of wildlife and the song of nature. With the framing architecture and form, I give a nod towards the Ahwahnee lodge and its natural and native inspirations. Red and blue dragonflies and an abundance of small critters of the land and sky, as well as bear and great gray owl, move in the dance of life and are special highlights of my discovery. All together a fine spot of firmament to relish!
I offer this new work with gratitude to those who pioneered and prepared the way, as well as to those who endeavor to keep the beauty of nature always fresh in our minds and hearts and secure for generations to come.

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