Rollie & Rulinda Topping

Topping copy housesWe have been making and selling our wares at arts and crafts shows and festivals for over fifteen years.

About Rollie

Rollie Topping is a retired State Farm Insurance agent, originally from Waterloo, Iowa. In 1984 he moved from Waterloo to Phoenix, Arizona, rebuilding his business from scratch along the way. Like every memeber of the Topping Family, Rollie has always enjoyed working with his hands. Since 1987 he has been selling original oil paintings, custom frames, folk art, and other woodwork throughout the Southwest.

About Rulinda

As if she weren’t busy enough as a mother of four, Rulinda, as a long-time holder of a state insurance license, was crucial to the success of Rollie’s agency. Always creative, Rulinda has been knitting, crocheting, and sewing since she was little, and hasn’t shut off the sewing machine since she and Rollie began attending arts & crafts shows together over fifteen years ago!

Rollie and Rulinda can be reached at their studio in Prescott Valley at (800) 338-0378, or on the web at