Salem Barker

Salem Barker

Beginning simply as an outlet for creative energy, sculpting avenued the joy of bringing my imagination to the real. No other work of my hands had ever drawn so directly from desire.

Eventually, at any other use of a days time, I only longed to return to the studio. With my heart needing my hands to create what my imagination aches to see, this hobby was begging to become an occupation.

With my background in the mechanical and machinist trades, I developed my artist skills without education or training. Working in my hometown of Rockford, IL as a machinist and machine tool rebuilder, I found myself fascinated with industry and manufacturing. This prepared me for a career as an on-site machinist. I then traveled the world for six years working in heavy industries such as; steel mills, paper mills, mining, bridge/infrastructure, heavy military equipment, large diesel engines, ships/submarine vessels, and fossil, nuclear, and hydroelectric power plants.

With inspiration from life, love, the beauty in nature, and help from up above, I sow all that I am into what I offer.

Sculpting by subtraction, all of my work begins from a single solid mass. Fallen trees are resurrected into fine art, giving life to once living works of His art.