Stan and Karen Austin

Austin,S&K chairStan and Karen own and operate a farm and ranch in Farwell, Texas. They have lived on the farm since 1976. Stan has always been very active in construction projects of both steel and wood. Stan and Karen’s main crops are alfalfa hay and beef cattle. Karen and Stan have been married for 32 years and have two children. Their son, Clint lives in Dallas, Texas and daughter Lyndi lives near her parent’s farm in Farwell along with their granddaughter Rylee.

It was the expectation of their first grandchild that gave us the Austin’s the desire to give their daughter and Rylee a special gift of love. After much planning and research Stan & Karen decided a hand-made rocking chair was the gift they wanted to give. The first chair took Stan 8 months to complete. It was not until after the chair was completed that Stan and Karen decided to show and expand their works. They are currently researching new designs to add to their line.

One of the most unique features of an Austin’s hand-made mesquite rocking chair is the back brace. The braces are made to flex with your back. These back braces, combined with a hand-carved seat and sculptured arms make the chairs very comfortable. Each chair takes approximately 130 hours and has a hand rubbed finish. To fully appreciate our work it must be seen and touched. You can reach them at their studio in Farwell, Texas at (806) 825-2816, or