Alan L. Roesler

Alan Roesler

Alan Roesler

The Life of Ernest A. Love
147th Aero Squadron, USAS

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An Arizona Aviator in France is a complete biography of a well-known historical figure from northern Arizona, a pursuit pilot who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War I. While Prescott named both its airport and American Legion Post #6 in his honor, his legacy as a respected military figure was never previously publicized. After more than a year of specialized training, his 22 combat missions in just seven short weeks, given the equipment shortcomings, switching aircraft types, moving aerodromes and poor weather conditions, was a remarkable accomplishment for that time. As his squadron’s only loss during the St. Mihiel offensive, his missing in action status remained one of the great mysteries in their written history. Only now does this new accounting finally complete the 147th Aero Squadron’s history.

About the Author

Alan Roesler has been a member of the League of World War I Aviation Historians since its inception in 1986. He served four years as an Issue Editor of their quarterly aviation journal Over the Front (OTF), before being selected as OTF’s Managing Editor and League Board member. Mr. Roesler served in that capacity for three years before stepping down to complete writing the Ernest Love biography. He has written or co-authored five published articles in OTF, and one in The Journal of Arizona History, his previous research focusing on both biographies and unit histories, although this is his first book. Mr. Roesler, a retired registered geologist, currently resides in Mesa, Arizona with his wife and two youngest children.