B.L. Hyde

We The People, won an Honorable Mention, in the Fiction category, at the Hollywood Book Festival, presented by JM Northern Media LLC. This the first award for B. L. Hyde’s Political Thriller.

The Hollywood Book Festival is produced by JM Northern Media LLC. Other book festivals they produce include; The New York Book Festival, The London Book Festival, and The Los Angeles Holiday Book Festival.

Ms. Hyde is very proud to have won this prestigious award. The award presentation was held on July 11, 2008 in Hollywood, California.

B. L. Hyde, an Author on a Unique Mission. I wrote my books to warn people to watch what your government is doing. Don’t be apathetic or you may lose the rights we all hold so dear.

Although my book is fiction, I’m told it’s very contemporary. My book is designed to be a wakeup call to what might happen. I think everything in it might happen unless people get active and participate.

What is We The People About?
In the year of 2065 an ethnic war in Serbia again broke out, as it had in the late 20th century, and then spilled into Albania and Greece. Fearing invasion, Hungary, Romania, and Austria put troops on their borders, and Europe was again at War. The United States entered the fray after the Serbian troops killed 1,500 Americans who were in that country on a peace mission.

This was the start of a long Major World War and America was again at war on two fronts. China had no qualms about using nuclear weapons, and nor did Serbia. The Allies resisted but were forced to use their newest nuclear weapons to prevail. 500,000 Allied lives were lost before the war on both fronts was finally won late in 2089.

Our country had been weakened by the war and needed time to heal, but this wasn’t to be. Corrupt politicians preyed upon our weakness.

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