Charles G. Irion

Remodeling Hell describes Charles Irion’s journey as he endeavored to build his dream house, which turned into a two-year nightmare.  This book contains often hilarious, but always valuable lessons of what to do and what NOT to do when building a new or remodeling an existing house. The book also includes a Salvation Guide! packed with money-saving tips.

Car Dealer Hell  exposes the scams, gimmicks and deceitful practices used by dealers every day.  This book includes useful checklists, summaries and resources that will help you avoid car dealership traps while getting the best deal for your new or used car.  Be armed and ready the next time you buy a car.

Divorce Hell (Available December 2009) is Irion’s attempt to show what divorce is all about, give readers some insight about what divorce may mean in their lives, and to help them avoid it if possible. Book includes the history of divorce, horror stories, famous prenuptial agreements, and celebrity divorces.