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Life! Who is prepared to handle it? Every day I look into the mirror and see the same old face. That is the big lie. I do not see the same old face. It is getting wrinkled, saggy, and gray. I swear, my face is getting gray.
I used to wear blue, tan, and brown clothing. None of those colors look good on me anymore. When I wear black, people say how nice that color looks on me. Black, you see, goes with gray. Recently I had to update my driver’s license. They didn’t want to know if I could still drive; they just wanted to have an updated picture so that I could have a new bad picture in my wallet instead of an old bad picture. I told the girl my weight and she looked at me with a “do you really expect me to believe that?” look. I added 20 pounds and she still didn’t believe it but she wrote it down. She then asked me for my hair color. I decided I could not handle the interrogation any longer. I simply said, “My old license says ‘brown.’” She said, “Gray, sir!” I do not know if she was looking at my hair or my whole face.

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