Eileen Birin

Eileen Birin

Eileen Birin

Burnt Incense

A novel of

Trust – Deceit – Defense

Thirty-five days out from midterm elections, Kathryn Bradford falls for the only man to turn her head in twenty-five years of marriage, a handsome, soft-spoken staffer on her husband’s senatorial campaign.  Nelson Bradford’s bid for office is the most widely watched race in America, dubbed “the Civil War.”  The opposing candidate is Peter Bradford, his older brother, who is yet again the more beloved sibling.  As Nelson shakes hands and kisses babies in hopes of narrowing Peter’s lead, his plastered-on smile is less convincing than ever – especially at home.  Kathryn is wealthy, beautiful, and a closet romantic and she runs headlong into an affair that could turn her husband’s campaign into yesterday’s news.  And that’s exactly what her new lover has in mind.  Burnt Incense is a story of the politics of a marriage, trial by fire, and ultimately America’s most widely watched murder case.

Author: Eileen Birin

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