Kiki Swanson

Meet Kiki Swanson

Kiki and her husband Don moved to Scottsdale in 1959 and have thrived in the climate, participated in the business community, raised three sons and loved life here!

Kiki’s post-retirement business card reads simply ‘author, teacher and speaker – family stories with soul’ wrote Lois McFarland in the Arizona Republic on June 26, 2009.

Kiki grew up in Wheaton, Illinois, close to her piano, the church choir, two sets of grandparents and school. She earned degrees at Smith College and San Francisco Theological Seminary, taught high school journalism and moved west. She discovered genealogy, and that led her into history and psychology, always pursuing the question “Why?” Her first book , At the Risk of Sounding like Your Mother, was a gift to her family. My Will Be Done is a biography of a woman who influenced four generations with her controlling strategies. Dearly Beloved traces the life of a young minister and his wife across the country in the early 1900s. The Legacy of K. Don Fry, Supermarketer, is the biography of the late Scottsdale resident who founded Fry’s Foods.

Kiki’s newest novel Remnants: Ready for New Life follows a group of friends who meet in a retirement community in Scottsdale in 2003. They blossom with new interests and volunteer activities with energy and commitment. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale after-school program will benefit from sales of this book.

This energetic volunteer continues to encourage others to write their memoirs. She is currently teaching a writers’ workshop at Valley Presbyterian Church and welcomes inquiries at or