Merle McCann

The Longjohners’ Series books for middle schoolers 

The Mystery of October Island 

What a blast to camp on a private island – until someone raids the camp and leaves behind a bizarre reminder.  As the mystery unfolds, the family learns the value of doing the right thing and to judge not. 

Midnight at the August Tree House 

How cool to build a tree house!  But what if from its window you saw something you weren’t meant to see? The O’Briens take a life-threatening chance in order to solve a crime and protect their grandparents’ property.  The problem with stealing is exposed. 

The Search for Black January

What would you do if a snowmobile struck and badly hurt your brother then sped into the night?  Determined to find the culprit and bring him to justice, the O’Brien women set out with only a single, vague clue. The importance of telling the truth is explored and fortified. 

Ghosts in the September Corn Maze

The O’Briens’ summer screeches to a halt when they find two teens unconscious from drug overdoses in the grandparents’ corn maze.  Meanwhile, ghosts are romping in the corn. Based on the concept of love they neighbor, we see the rippling effect of drug use and gain an inspiring view of one homeless family. 

The Twelve Tears of April

The O’Briens help young Lanie Polencia search for her family treasure, lost since the Civil War. The pre-Civil War journal they find that once belonged to Doña Elena Polencia vices them a fresh view of history and sends them on a dangerous mission.  The O’Briens risk their lives to save a friend.