Sandra Kay Merriam

Shadwell’s Slaves, Escape to Freedom9780982271209

A highly educated man of independent means, Jake Spooner was a “Flat Hatter” intent on providing freedom for all people.  He was an adventurer in the late 1700s who found forbidden love in two corners of the frontier.  Stubborn in this principles and beliefs, yet naive in many ways, he traveled North with the help of his family, friends, the Mohawk Indians and the Quakers to ensure freedom for a group of slaves.  Shadwell’s Slaves is the story of how they risk their lives and their reputations as they acquire the resources to spirit away slaves from Thomas Jefferson’s Shadwell plantation to Canada. In the dead of night, they begin their arduous trip north under the cover of darkness. Inspiration can be found along each step of Jake and these men’s journey, the tears, the joys and the love for all things, especially freedom.