Scott Jones

Author Scott Jones is proud to announce a new release in his young readers series entitled:
Lilly and The Awful Blowing Wind. This exceptional book is available at the authors website or any fine book retailer. Go to: for all the details!

Meet Lilly, a loveable little ladybug who’s spunky, stubborn, and adventurous. The story takes the young reader to a valley filled with a variety of characters with plenty of adventures along the way. Each child will identify with his or her own uniqueness through the character’s message: Friendships come in different colors, stripes, and spots. As Lilly says, My spots are black and their spots are blue. I really like those blue spots. One thing is certain: Lilly and readers will learn a lot about the power of friendship. Lilly and The Awful Blowing Wind is a MUST READ for ALL ages!