Susan Yarina

Susan Yarina, award winning author, decided at five she wanted to live in the Wild West. She now lives in and writes about the Superstition Mountains, one of the wildest National Preserves in the nation. She rides horseback there with her husband, Joe, and her Arizona mustang Sedona. Her first time-travel, TimeRider, was voted Best Time Travel of 2003 by Affaire De Coeur’s Reader’s Poll and every book she’s written since has won one award or another. She loves to read and write multiple genres from time-travel to mystery. All her stories have romance, something, she feels no story is complete without. She believes in e-books and coined the phrase “e-books are the wave of the future” as far back as 1997. Today’s kids read on devices proving her theory, but she knows she (and her generation back) will never give up paper books. She is currently excited about exploring her roots in a Scottish time-travel series that combines current medical advances with geneology with explosive results. She belongs to Romance Writers of America, Desert Rose Chapter 60, Arizona Authors Association and the EPIC an organization for e-book writers. Susan loves to teach aspiring writers.

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