Toby Fesler Heathcotte

Toby Fesler Heathcotte

Toby Fesler Heathcotte

Exploring the ways the paranormal works in our lives…
Fiction and Nonfiction by Toby Fesler Heathcotte

Out of the Psychic Closet:
The Quest to Trust My True Nature
A self-help handbook in two parts that will show the reader how to step out of the psychic closet, to rise above anxiety and distrust, and to incorporate psychic abilities into a more honest model of personal reality.
♦ personal experiences
♦ scientific research
♦ historical background
♦ unpublished anecdotes

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The Alma Chronicles Souls, bound together in a circle of love, passion, betrayal, and murder, reincarnate lifetime after lifetime from the ancient Celtic world through 21st- century America.

Alison’s Legacy —A diviner reveals that an enemy soldier is no other than Alison’s Celtic lover reborn in 1700s England. She owes him a centuries-old karmic debt. Her prophetic son may pay the price.

Lainn’s Destiny—Lainn, the boy, yearns to end slavery. As a youth he battles English tyranny. In his manhood, rebellion swirls through the American colonies.
Two women haunt Lainn’s soul—one beloved, the other a sworn enemy reborn.

Angie’s Promise—In a vision, Angie sees her fiancé’s plane crash. He dies before her eyes. When lucid dreaming fails to keep his spirit near, she searches for a
chink in the barrier of death. And she finds one.

Luke’s Covenant—Angie comes from the dead to warn Luke and away from the towers on Nine Eleven. He must live to protect himself and his family from an
ancient vendetta. Kegan has paranormal skills that give him the advantage.

The Comet’s Return—In 2061 Arizona, Angela dreams of people she should recognize and events she should remember. She recognizes her love from their past lifetimes together. Kegan yet walks the world, intent on ending the blood feud.

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