Zanne Kennedy

In her four, soon to be five book series, Silent Discourse,
Nicolaus Zook finds his English world irrational, his Amish, barely reachable.

The first in the series is, Silent Discourse.
A gritty tale of a troubled teen,a exiled from his Amish society by his abusive father. While living outside his culture as lead singer in a rock band, he begins to unravel the secrets of his father’s hatred and intolerance towards him. This double lifestyle is confusing to Nicolaus, to say the least.

The second in the series is Still, Small Voice.
Having ventured outside of his Amish culture, Nicolaus Zook, the tall, handsome, blue-eyed boy finds himself at the forefront of the English world. A fatal accident steals the lives of his best friends, and leads Nick back home after four years in a Rumspringa hiatus. Struggling to understand the reasoning behind his own survival and how his musical genius led him down a path far from the simplicity of his Amish upbringing.

The third in the series is Profound Silence.
After returning to his Amish people, Nicolaus begins to reach for joy in his relationship with Sarah Bailer, the very essence of his heart and life. Hard choices have to be made in their journey together, forcing Nicolaus to watch, unable to help as his heart is ripped from him, only to be tossed back into his face in torn fragments by those he loves and trusts.

The fourth in the series is Dissonant Melody.
An Amish boy, who desires nothing more than to live the simple life he was raised, is forced to spiral into the deepest depths of depravity. Dissonant Melody reveals the hidden tale behind the musical genius, Nicolaus Zook and the reason for the abusive father he had to endure throughout his childhood.

Beautiful Conflict—Book Five, Mainstream/Ethnic
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