2016 Featured Artists

From left to right: V. Lee, G. Khalsa, A. Brewer, B. Erlund
From left to right: V. Lee, G. Khalsa, A. Brewer, B. Erlund

Listed below are the Featured Artists for the ArtFest of Scottsdale, taking place November 19 & 20, 2016 at the Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza. Each artist has a short artist statement and a small gallery of images. Feel free to click on their images to see a larger version of their work. We encourage you to stop by in November to check out their work in person.


Vic Lee

vic-lee1 vic-lee2vic-lee3





“I don’t consider myself a painter or a fine artist per-se. I guess I’m more of an illustrator. My path, it seems, is one of telling stories of my journey, the speedbumps, the ditches, the hilltops and briar patches through these images.  It’s a path I fought against, but life has a way of forcing your gaze in the direction intended and then kicking your butt out of the nest and all along its majestic and potholed road.”

To see more of Vic’s work, please visit him in booth 136.


Gurudarshan Khalsa

gurudarshan-khalsa4 Morning Ascensiongurudarshan-khalsa2





“I create beautiful images which help activate a person’s imagination and spirit by the magic of Nature’s temples. I take photos of this world and from them create new dimensions of reality, to lead and connect the viewer to a place of greater sustainability and beauty.”

To see more of Gurudarshan’s work, please visit her in booth 160.


Aimée Brewer

aimee-brewer1 aimee-brewer4 aimee-brewer2





Each piece is wheel-thrown, using a high-quality porcelain clay body. I focus on weight, ergonomics, and a refined simplicity of design when creating my work. I strive to make pieces silently evoke the observer to touch, grasp, and feel the object.

To see more of Aimée’s work, please visit her in booth 259A.


Beth Erlund

beth-erlund1 beth-erlund2  beth-erlund4




In this medium, she finds the challenges of design and color to be never ending. Her love of nature has influenced her choice of subject matter, and she enjoys researching her subjects in their natural environments.

To see more of Beth’s work, please visit her in booth 121.


To see a full listing of all participating artists, please visit the Online Artist Listing.