Common Ground Blues


Common Ground Blues

Common Ground Blues

Common Ground Blues was established in 1998.

We play Blues with Rhythm and Jazz in the mix.

Whether we’re picking them up or laying them down, it all comes together with power and passion to engage the listener and free the spirit.

We deliver not just a beat to dance to, but offer a true band experience. That pulls the audience in and makes them feel part of something both vital and alive.

Borrowing from both the “Old Masters” and “New Monsters” of blues, Common Ground Blues adds their own fire and flavor to the mix to produce a style and sound that stems from the personalities and craft of the people involved.

  • Glen Farkash                   Vocals
  • Brian Masherella              Guitar
  • Ted Greenbaum               Keyboards
  • Timothy Kinsey                 Bass
  • Lance Fuqua                    Drums

Common Ground Blues can be reached at their studio at (623) 581-6777, or online at