The Arizona-based Blues group Shri travels annually throughout North America and Europe attracting attention with its gutsy and faithful renditions of R&B, Chicago and Delta Blues.

With a captivating and danceable groove, Shri’s high-energy style and ability to bring their show right off the stage into the audience make them a favorite for corporate events and festivals worldwide.

Shri’s current players include a blues harpist, two guitarists, an organ player, drummer, bass player and two vocalists.

Shri has played some of the most prestigious festivals in Europe with blues and jazz dignitaries such as Taj Mahal, James Brown, Marva White and the New Orleans Spiritualettes.

Featured in The Blues Alive – a book on the history of the blues – Shri tours tirelessly; it also has ten albums to its name, a large international following, a Sony Music debut on a compilation album with Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page and an 13th European tour in the making.

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