Grady Soine

gradyheadshot2Gradymusic, featuring original keyboard compositions by Grady Soiné, has so far produced five CDs and is based in Scottsdale, AZ. Grady has performed for countless art festivals, weddings, silent auctions, private parties,corporate dinners, and speaker engagements.

Grady is best known for his  “Angel Whispers” CD which was the best selling local CD 4 years in a row at Borders, Books  & Music.  Grady Soine` was also  the first musician to have a major tour with Barnes & Noble Stores.    A favorite among massage therapists, spas, and the healthcare industry, Gradymusic has long been featured on in-room patient screens for Mayo Hospital.

 Currently Grady  is working on his 6th CD entitled “Intimate” due out in 2010




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