Denise Allen Band

Denise Allen Band

Denise Allen is an American rock and blues performer with a growing following of enthusiastic fans throughout America and Europe. Her recent tour of Europe found her sharing stages with the likes of Ana Popovic at “Blues Nights,” Gossau, Switzerland, gently gracing the clubs at “Jazz Tage,” Arosa, Switzerland, and playing her more hard-driving blues and rock repertoires to packed crowds at the “Cahors Blues Festival” in France and Meppen’s “15th International Jazz & Blues Night”, among others. Denise’s vocal power coupled with the band’s stage presence reveal the Denise Allen Band’s unique impact upon the musical scene. Unreservedly adventurous in stylistic scope, Denise’s fearless authenticity and refined sensuality create an overall effect that is positively distinct and refreshing. An exceptional performer, Denise’s stage presence is a poignant mixture of power and grace. The Denise Allen Band has five albums of original music and tours Europe every summer while continuing to gig throughout the American Southwest.

The Denise Allen Band consists of:

Denise Allen – vocals

After completing a degree in Studio Arts at Auburn University, Denise moved to Montgomery, Alabama where she joined her first band, The Next, a six-piece rock band that met with some local success. During this time Denise experimented with writing and performing her own material in an acoustic duo, planting a seed that would come to fruition in the coming years.

In 1999 Denise moved to Arizona to complete a Masters degree in Art Therapy. One fateful summer evening some friends invited her to sing with their blues band. Greatly inspired by this encounter, it was only a matter of months before Denise released her first album of original music: an energetic and compelling sixteen song album of original blues, rock and gospel songs titled Not Just Another Diva.

Ricky Henderson – guitars

Born in Brisbane, Australia, Ricky has been an avid guitar player since the age of sixteen. A driving force behind the compositions for the Denise Allen Band, Ricky’s greatest musical desire is in every performance to find an effortless groove and unity and for the audience to feel that.“I am always inspired by guitarists who play with passion. I look at playing the guitar as a way for me to break open my heart.” Ricky’s varied musical influences include Jimmy Hendrix, Jeff Buckley, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robert Cray, and his father who taught Ricky his first open chords. Ricky’s range of sensitive melody, passionate soloing and funky, driving rhythm playing brings soul to the Denise Allen Band.

Sylvan Incao – bass, harmonica & keyboards

A real “renaissance musician” at heart, Sylvan is an experienced musician in who’s hands every instrument seems to find a natural home. Sylvan has played bass, guitar, keyboards, and saxophone in numerous bands and musical projects over the last decade, recording four original albums and extensively touring and gigging in the U.S. and Europe. Being instrumentally versatile lends a golden enthusiasm and warrior spirit to Sylvan’s bass playing. With confidence and ease, Sylvan delivers the essential rhythmic drive that powers the backbeat of the Denise Allen Band’s dynamic sound.

Zac Parker – drums

As the drummer, Zac provides the pulse of the Denise Allen Band. His laid back style and solid presence lend a relaxed confidence to the band’s sound. A seasoned musician, Zac draws on years of experience playing both drums and bass in rock and blues projects and is a veteran of several European tours and extensive gigging throughout the Southwestern United States. Zac’s rhythmic influences range from rock, blues and jazz to funk and hip-hop. This very eclectic taste in music makes him a truly versatile drummer, while his gentle but uncompromising passion for music give him a strong yet fluid stage presence. As the band’s producer, Zac does all the behind the scenes magic in the studio that make the Denise Allen Band’s CDs really pop and shine.

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