Killian’s Angels

Killian's Angels

Killian's Angels

Extensive musical background mixed with the potential dangers of PMS make this all-female band the perfect jewel in the crown of any event. All consummate professionals, the members of Killian’s Angels make a remarkably versatile group, playing everything from rock, pop, Celtic and country, to R&B, folk, classical, jazz, and even novelty tunes (and sometimes they just mix all of it up!).

Ginger Bruner (bass, tuba, percussion, vocals, and more…) Ah so – She has performed as far away as Japan and as close as your very own backyard! Known to Las Vegans as the voice of public radio, Ginger is a true native of Las Vegas, Nevada. This girl goes from oomph to oom-pah in the blink of an eye!

Dolly Coulter (lead vocals, guitar, keyboard) Our very own R&B queen, Dolly kicks it with a tasty groove that’s all her own. No stranger to the stage, Dolly has performed her own solo act before joining the ranks of Killian’s Angels. Good-bye Alanis, good-bye Janice, Hellooooooooo Dolly!

Nan Fortier (percussion mistress extraordinaire, piano, guitar, tin whistle) Wicked cool and versatile and way hot drummer chick, currently on loan to Blue Man group Berlin, but we will get her back soon. Nan lights up any stage with her energy, enthusiasm and love of world music.

Satomi Hofmann (lead vocals, keyboard, piano, guitar, spoons, drums, percussion) Exotic and unpredictable, Satomi began her career innocently enough as a classical pianist. Since then, she heard “The Call of the Theah-tah” and has never been the same. Some of her original music graces the Killian’s Angels stage, but if you don’t like it, Beth wrote it.

Beth Mullaney (lead vocals, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, bodhran, spoons, drums) Beth spent many years as a solo act playing to appreciative audiences across the country, as well as performing for the last 7 years at the Excalibur with the Celtic duo Mullivan’s Edge. She founded Killian’s Angels, adding her original music to the band’s eclectic repertoire. (Not to mention she plays some really cool instruments!!)

Lisa Viscuglia (violin, vocals, percussion) Reputed to be among the top string players in Las Vegas, Lisa is continuously in demand for everything from classical concerts to major celebrity events. The band’s continual efforts to keep her smart mouth off the mic have failed.

Killian’s Angels will perform on Saturday July 30, from 1:45 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. at the Flagstaff Festival in the Pines.  For bookings and information contact: Beth Mullaney, 702-391-5555, You can write them at Killian’s Angels, PO Box 33461, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89133; or reach them online at