NEW: Update On Venue Layout – 10/24/2018

Dear Artists,

We have been working closely with the city these last couple weeks and it is determined that two wheel chair accessible bridges will be built connecting the two sides of our festival in time for the 2018 ArtFest of Scottsdale in November. With this news, we are able to utilize the majority of the Civic Center venue meaning we will be using the area in front of the Scottsdale Center of the Arts as in the past.

Attached is a new site map. You will be able to see the inaccessible area on the map with the two bridges on the north and south side.
If you would like to request a SLR or if you have already submitted your SLR for the preliminary map, please submit your new map request prior to October 21st, which is when we will be completing the layout for your booth spaces. We will start sending out space assignment letters on Monday, October 22nd.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to a great festival!


ArtFest of Scottsdale
Andrew Maguire & Associates, LLC
(480) 968-5353