Past ArtFest Shows

This is a list of past ArtFest shows

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ArtFest End Date
ArtFest of Fifth Avenue Spring 2013Feb 10th, 2013
Made in Arizona 2012Feb 12th, 2012
ArtFest Market of Cave Creek 2011Mar 6th, 2011
Made In Arizona 2013Mar 17th, 2013
ArtFest of Fifth Avenue Fall 2012Oct 21st, 2012
ArtFest of 5th Ave 2011Oct 23rd, 2011
ArtFest Market of Cave Creek (Fall)Nov 8th, 2009
ArtFest of Scottsdale 2012Nov 18th, 2012
ArtFest of Scottsdale 2011Nov 20th, 2011
ArtFest of Scottsdale 2010Nov 21st, 2010
ArtFest of ScottsdaleNov 22nd, 2009
ArtFest of Scottsdale 2013Nov 24th, 2013